If you are replacing a shower or tub, you can save a bundle by using prefabricated enclosures. A tile shower or tub enclosure will be far more expensive than a prefabricated enclosure. Anything factory-built is less expensive than custom work. Prefabricated enclosures cost less than the separate purchase of the materials, and you save big on labor costs. You can shop around for the best prices and the desired colors and materials. Many prefabricated enclosures are hard to distinguish from custom work. If your remodeling plan involves replacing a shower, you can save both on the cost of the new shower and the cost of installation labor by choosing a pre-formed one-piece shower over actually building a tiled shower. Many of the newer pre-formed showers are built of fiberglass, making them easy to clean and maintain, as well as less expensive. Cleaning grout is a task few people enjoy. With a pre-formed shower, there is no grout to clean. Take a moment to compare the cost of tile and the installation of the tile with the price of a pre-formed one-piece shower. The difference in cost may be surprising. In fact, with a little help, you can probably install a pre-formed shower yourself and save on the installation cost too. These pre-formed one-piece showers are very functional and very attractive. In fact, most mid-priced new homes are built with these units.


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