You can save a bundle in maintenance and replacement costs by building a deck with no-maintenance wood-alternative deck materials. Wood decks require sealing to prevent damage by the elements. And, no matter how well you care for your deck, it will only last so long. You can save on replacement and maintenance costs by building your deck with alternative materials. Although the wood-alternative materials will cost a bit more at the time of construction, their durability and the elimination of maintenance will recoup the cost in time. There are three primary alternatives to wood.


  • If the lumber in your deck is still in good shape, you could cover it with PVC deck sheeting. This is easy to install and is available in several colors.
  • Recycled material decking boards are another alternative. These are made of a combination of recycled materials and wood fibers. These do not need the same level of maintenance but look very much like wood.
  • Hollow vinyl is the third main material choice. You can also buy matching rail systems and stairs. This is the most maintenance-free alternative, and it will not be damaged by water.

You can save on materials cost and maintenance by building your deck with composite materials. Some of the alternative materials are made of a blend of recycled plastics and wood fibers. The alternative materials will cost less than wood planks. They are also more durable and require little or no maintenance. Some alternative materials are sheathed in vinyl, making them impervious to water damage. You will be able to get more enjoyment from your deck if you don’t have to treat the wood twice a year to protect it. So save on construction cost, eliminate maintenance cost, and save your aching back!

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