Rigid board insulation is filled with insulating foam. It provides more insulation value in a thinner board. It should then be covered with drywall. This type of insulating board is faster and easier to install than the usual framing with blown or batt insulation. It saves on labor costs. Because it is easy to install, it is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. A second alternative that is ideal for a basement or garage remodel is the moving wall system. This is perfect for a basement or garage wall with a window. The principle is essentially to install insulated wall panels, two of which cover the window. These are placed on a track behind the panels on each side. When you want the window exposed, the two panels just slide behind the panels on each side. When you don’t want the window exposed, or you need the additional insulation value of the panels, draw them closed. These easy-to-install insulated wall systems are available in home improvement stores or direct from various manufacturers.


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