Tankless water heaters (also called instant water heaters) are affordable, reasonably easy to install, and help you save energy, water, and comfort. Installing instant water heaters in secondary bathrooms or kitchens that are some distance from the water heater, provide hot water "instantly" by using coils that heat the water as it passes over them. They eliminate the need to run water, waiting for hot water to travel from the hot water heater to the faucet. This saves both water and heating water in your water heater. Just evaluate the relative distance from your water heater to each bathroom or kitchen. Once you identify the most distant areas, and the least used, you know the best places to install an instant water heater. When you consider that the average faucet with an aerator runs 1.5 gallons of water per minute, eliminating minutes of running water while you wait for hot water can add up to a significant savings over the course of a year. Then add the savings on sewage. These savings will quickly pay for the cost of the instant water heater and installation.


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