Making changes to the project after work has begun can be very costly. Thus, an important element of cost control is to have a final design, final specifications, and final agreement on materials before work begins. Making changes after work has begun can mean re-doing some work. In this case you will be paying for the work that was already done, paying to have it torn out, and paying for it to be done again according to your new idea. This can even have a domino effect, requiring wiring, plumbing, or framing to be re-done, too. If your changes require additional or different materials, you could also find yourself paying a premium for rush delivery of the new materials. In some cases there is a risk that a plan or design simply cannot be accomplished, due to structural or zoning limitations. Careful and thorough advance planning will enable you to identify these potential problems before work begins and make timely design changes in the beginning of the project. Consulting a professional about design, even if you create your own design, can prevent surprises once construction has begun.


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