A critical element in keeping remodeling or home addition costs under control is to limit the number of upgrades you include in your plan. Every upgrade you will consider has merits. In all probability, every upgrade will appear to save money in the long run. But upgrades can quickly increase the cost of your project, sometimes before you realize it. Most people consider upgrades individually. Upgrading this faucet to a nicer design and metal will cost only a relatively small amount. The same will be true of the next upgrade, and the next. Eventually those upgrade amounts combine and increase the cost of your project, sometimes more than expected. You can control this by prioritizing possible upgrades on the basis of the cost of postponing the upgrade until a later time and keeping a running tally of the upgrades you are considering. This will allow you to constantly consider the combined cost of the upgrades and the priorities you are attaching to them. If it then becomes necessary to postpone some of the upgrades, your priorities will make the decision easy.


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