If you are designing a remodel or an addition, you can save money in the long run by thinking and planning ahead and including certain items before walls are closed and wiring becomes inaccessible. The cost of adding extra phone lines, Ethernet connections, cable TV hook-ups, additional switches and outlets and the like is minimal at the time of a remodel or addition. Thinking ahead to your future needs (as well as present needs) will improve your quality of life by making the space more functional in a variety of ways. Your needs and interests may change; your family may grow; your children will grow up. Including these items and making them readily accessible will result in a significant savings in the long run. It will also enhance the appeal of your home when you sell it. Another optional add-on is to create a channel through which wires can be passed to reach speakers for surround-sound systems and stereo systems. A simple piece of small plastic pipe, or other conduit, running under the floor or through the walls, makes speaker connections very fast and easy.


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