It is sometimes surprising to discover the many openings left by builders and contractors around pipes, wires and wall seams in homes, whether new or old. These openings around penetrations of the structure of the house admit unconditioned air into the home, as well as insects. They also allow your heated or cooled air to escape. A minimal investment in a can of expanding spray foam and some caulk can keep the insects out and make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. By simply taking a walk around your home (both inside and outside), you will be able to find these points of pipe or wiring penetration, as well as wall cracks. Taking a few moments to seal these cracks and openings will reduce the interior-exterior air exchange and save on heating and cooling costs for years to come. Pay particular attention to basement walls, attic walls, crawl spaces, and the wall between a garage and the main part of the house. Expanding spray foam, by the way, once it dries, can be trimmed sanded and painted to match your d├ęcor.


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