Choosing to install solar powered porch or landscape lighting, as well as other types of solar lighting, may not result in a significant savings at the time of purchase. The additional cost for the fixtures will, however, pay for itself very quickly in the reduced demand for electrical power to provide light. Not only are solar lights energy-efficient, they are also easier to install because they eliminate the need to bury electrical wires. They can be positioned farther apart, and installation can be done in a matter of minutes.

Fiber optic lighting has become far more affordable in recent years, and is both effective and energy-efficient in several possible uses. Fiber optic lighting works by allowing light to move along a glass or plastic fiber (optical fiber) by total internal reflection. Fiber optics is widely used in communication and in various kinds of lighting. Optical fibers are used in medicine to direct bright light, including laser beams, when there is not a clear or direct sight path. It is also used in buildings to route sunlight from the roof to other parts of a building. It is used, as well, to transmit light in light-transmitting concrete building products. Optical fiber directs low levels of power (roughly 1 watt) to areas that are difficult to reach in other ways. Optical fibers can also be used to create very interesting lighting design effects, while using only the power required to illuminate a single small bulb.


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