Lightning is a hazard, at least seasonally, in most regions. A lightning strike can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home if it runs an electrical circuit, a cable line, or a telephone line. Lightning is a leading cause of house fires. Lightning can also damage or destroy expensive home electronic equipment like televisions and computers. In fact, lightning does not have to hit your home directly to cause damage. Lightning can cause damage up to a mile from the strike point. A second type of power surge, however, is more common and equally damaging. This is a surge caused by factors completely beyond your control, such as changes in use of electricity by a major manufacturing facility or by downed electrical lines. Installing a whole-house voltage surge suppressor will stop the great majority of the surge from entering your home. In combination with surge protectors on outlets, you will be assured of stopping almost all possibility of surge damage. Whole-house suppressors can cost as little as $200, plus installation


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