Sunlight is bright and warm. Sometimes the brightness and warmth of the sun can be detrimental. Strong afternoon sun can produce more heat in a home than we might want, causing air conditioning systems to work harder. Strong sunlight, particularly when enhanced by passing through glass, can also fade carpet and furniture and damage wood. Several types of window film are available that are applied directly to the window surface. The films are available in different shades and colors depending on the amount of light you want to block and on the method of installation. Installing UV-blocking window film is a quick, effective, and affordable solution to this problem. Installing blinds or window shades is certainly an option, but you lose the view provided by the windows and doors. UV-blocking film is less expensive than blinds, and easy to install. In most cases, you can purchase sheets of UV-blocking film at a home improvement store and apply it yourself. The film is available with several tint shades and levels of filtering. If UV light is a serious problem, you may want to opt for professional installation. The main difference between what you install and what is professionally installed is the way the film is applied and attached to the window. Because the film available in home improvement stores uses a water-activated adhesive, it is very easy for the do-it-yourselfer to apply.


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