Another affordable option to reduce the entry of wind around patio doors and to minimize the effects of the sun pouring through patio doors is to install insulated interior shutters. These shutters are easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer, and they are available in a variety of styles and colors. Once installed, the shutters will provide insulation against both the heat of the sun and the chilling of a cold wind. They also provide an element of privacy, particularly in neighborhoods in which houses are close together.


Although insulated interior window and patio door shutters are fairly expensive, they will reduce air exchange by as much as 80%. Particularly on a patio door, which is probably a single pane of glass, there is a large area for warm or cool air to escape from your house or to enter your house. If you live in a region subject to extreme heat or cold, reducing air exchange through a patio door or other large window could add up to big savings on your heating and cooling costs. These insulated shutters have a decorative cover over plywood or other wood that encloses a large amount of insulating material. By design, they trap exchanged air between the shutter and the window, keeping your room more comfortable and reducing heating or cooling costs.

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