Solar screens are another good option to block the heat of the sun and UV rays. Screens are perfect for large areas such as patio doors, porches, picture windows and storm doors. Many solar screens block as much as 90% of the sun’s heat and UV rays, as well as insects. These screens also provide privacy while still allowing you to see out of the house. Screens can be removable, such as replacing a pane of glass in a storm door with a solar screen in summer, or they can roll up, either manually or with a small motor. Solar screens are installed on the outside of windows, and can be made to fit any size window. Some of these screens are made of materials that make them resistant to pets, vandals and hail. They are available in different densities, colors and materials. Because they block so much of the heat from the sun, the will certainly reduce your home cooling costs. In warm climates they can also be installed around a terrace or porch and make the area very comfortable.


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