No matter how much we would all like to think everyone around us is honest, the fact remains that there are scoundrels in the world. A house under construction can be seen by some as an open invitation to trespass and steal. Even if you have a great deal of trust for your contractor and his or her work crew, it is always wise to remove temptation. We have all heard news reports of thieves visiting construction sites to steal appliances, equipment and even materials like copper. Here are some things you should do to protect your home, your possessions, and your contractor:

  • enclose the house quickly with locks on doors/windows
  • carry theft insurance
  • visit the site regularly and at different times
  • inform the local police for drive-by surveillance
  • don’t keep materials lying around unprotected
  • place "No Trespassing" signs on house and lot
  • have liability insurance in the event of intruder injury
  • remove small/valuable items from your home when you start getting quotes and don’t bring them back until after work is complete.


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