In evaluating opportunities to save on your remodel or addition, it is always wise to consider long-term costs as well as the chance to save immediately. Sometimes spending a little more on materials for your project will save you time and money in long-term maintenance costs. A few examples are:

  • Rather than using clapboard siding, which will need to be painted and maintained, upgrade to insulated vinyl or stucco siding (if it fits the architectural design of your home) to add insulation value and reduce long-term maintenance costs
  • Install triple-paned metal-framed windows that cost a little more and save on energy costs, eliminate the need for storm windows, and eliminate the need to paint windows repeatedly in the future
  • Install pre-finished hardwood flooring rather than unfinished wood. You will have a must stronger and more durable finish on your hardwood floor and you will not need to refinish it for a longer period of time


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