Before you decide to remodel a room to lighten and brighten or to make it appear larger, consider the change of appearance you could accomplish by simply changing the lighting. For example, a room with a small, single ceiling light will probably seem dark, no matter how hard you push the wattage limitation on the bulbs you use. An inexpensive change might be to change to a light fixture that uses more bulbs and a fixture that does a better job of dispersing the light throughout the room. Other possible solutions to the problem of a dark room are:

  • add a sky light or a tube light to admit sunlight; enlarge the window(s);
  • cap existing windows with a half-round arch window to admit additional light;
    change the lamps to higher wattage bulbs;
  • use "can lights" that are aimed at a white ceiling to reflect the light back down into the room;
  • you can also experiment with adding or moving lamps or with changing lampshades to add a touch of color or brightness.


With a little creative thinking, you can probably find a way to change the appearance of the room at very little cost.

    Switching to pendant light fixtures over eating areas and over work tables will provide better light at a lower cost, particularly if you have high ceilings.
    Installing under-cabinet fluorescent lighting over work areas in offices and food preparation areas in kitchens also provides better light and reduces the amount of electricity required to light the area.

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