If you are trying to correct a problem of uneven heating and/or cooling in your home, you might want to consider an inexpensive solution before replacing a heating or cooling system or adding other supplemental heaters or air conditioners. One option is to install a zoned heating/cooling system. But if your system is still operating effectively, there is an alternative – at least until you actually need to replace your system. The alternative is a register or duct booster fan. These are small electric-powered fans that attach to a register. The fans draw more conditioned air through the ducts and push it into the room. They can also be installed at room doors to move air from one room to another. These fans are inexpensive alternatives to whole-system replacement, and they will make your heating/cooling system more efficient. Some models also include filters to purify the air. These fans are available in an array of sizes, styles and colors, so you should have no trouble finding a model that looks good in your home.


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