Any remodel or home addition carries some risk of damage to other parts of your home or yard. These can become expensive if you must replace plantings or do extensive repair work. Taking the time to position a few protective barriers, to seal off the rest of your house, and to protect your yard with coverings can save a lot of trouble and expense. There are several ways to protect your landscaping and other parts of your home. If it is not possible to completely seal off the rest of your house, you can at least seal off as much as possible and place rugs to trap tracked dust or dirt. Barriers, even buckets, can be set up around valuable plantings. And, to protect your lawn, you can create an access path through the yard by placing stakes and tying cord or rope between them to indicate to workmen that they should use the defined path. The path can also be covered with plywood, which should be removed at night and when not needed, to minimize the compaction of the soil.


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