Some folks think they are saving money by not getting permits for remodels or additions. This is a mistake. Failure to get the appropriate permits can result in fines and other penalties.

First, you could be fined for not obtaining the permit.

Second, the construction will require inspection, which could require making holes in walls.

Third, if the remodel or addition increases the value of your home, you will probably be charged for back taxes and penalties on unpaid taxes. You should not start work on a remodel until permits covering all the relevant aspects of the remodel have been obtained.


Every municipality has a building inspection division that should be contacted to get an idea of the nature of permits required, as well as the costs and procedures involved. In most cases, all structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical remodels require a permit. In most places, any work with gas lines must be done by licensed professionals, as well.

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