Using a request for quote form will save everyone involved in the planning and hiring process frustration. It can also save money for you. Use of a request for quote form ensures that all bidders are bidding on the same project, using the same materials, with the same quality of workmanship. This will help you make an accurate comparison of estimates and bids on the project. It will also help you prevent costly surprises and oversights. For example, bids based on materials of inferior quality materials will not be comparable. The request for quote form helps you specify the grade or quality of the materials you want to use, thus ensuring comparable bids. Even a difference that seems relatively small, such as the number of coats of paint applied, can skew your estimates. You can find a sample request-for-quote form on our website at or in our book, The Complete Remodeling Workbook and Organizer, available at your local bookstore or on the Remodel or Move website.


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