Before you finalize your decision to remodel or your remodel design, it will probably be worth the cost to hire a decorator to come in and work for one day with the area you plan to remodel. Before the decorator arrives, bring together whatever art work, accent pieces, knickknacks, etc. and make them readily available. Once you explain your goals to the decorator, either stand back and watch or leave the premises while the decorator works. Some decorators will insist that you leave. The decorator will try out a number of ideas to provide a fresh look to the area you want to update. Your decorator will work with what you already have to create the new look you want. When you return, you can expect the decorator to share additional ideas with you, such as changing the paint color, or adding a new lamp, etc. The decorator may also make suggestions about your remodel design that further enhance the changes. For example, he or she might say, with these changes, you could complete the change you want by simply removing this door and converting the doorway into an arched passage, or if you change the color to xxx, the room will be warmer. For a modest cost, you might discover that all you need is a change. On the other hand, you might receive some outstanding new ideas that will make your remodeling project even more successful.


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