An over-improved home is one to which the current owners have made renovations and additions, etc. that make the cost of the home and the amenities it offers out of line with other homes surrounding it. An over-improved home can be the result of updating a home in a declining neighborhood or from to much renovation or addition to the home. The result is that the home is not in harmony with other homes in the neighborhood and potential buyers are not willing to make the investment in a home that might lose value down to the level of others in the neighborhood. Over-improvement can result from adding on too much, too much modernizing, or placing too many extravagant amenities in a home in comparison to the rest of the neighborhood. Before committing yourself to a home remodeling project, consider the amenities in neighboring homes and the character of the home designs and the value of the homes. If you are considering some amenity in the home that is not consistent with the rest of the neighborhood, you might do well to consider a temporary or movable version of the item.


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