You can also save money on your project by doing the framing. Framing is installed as the third step in a remodeling project, after site preparation and building the foundation. This is a significant element of the project cost. Many cities require permits for and inspection of framing to ensure the soundness of the structure. If you are willing to learn the local requirements, do the heavy lifting, learn what is involved in building the framing, and how to space and construct the frame, this is probably a part of the job you can do with relative ease. Local building codes will probably specify several important aspects of framing such as types and grades of wood that are acceptable, the required maximum space between vertical or horizontal boards or studs, how the frame must be attached to the foundation, and the like. Once you do your homework and you understand the requirements, you can do the framing and have it inspected, saving significantly on one of the major costs of an addition or a remodel.


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