With a little bit of instruction, most people can learn to install aluminum, vinyl, shingles, or wood exterior siding. Some people also learn to lay brick, block or stone. Installing your Exterior siding can result in a great savings on your project. Because this directly affects the appearance of your home, you will want to be certain you can install the siding properly. A sloppy job could reduce the value of your home at resale as well as allow water to reach the interior of your walls, potentially resulting is significant damage. To effectively seal the siding against the weather, some siding materials may require caulking of seams. Consider the climate in your region before deciding. For example, aluminum siding can be severely damaged in a hail storm. If you live in an area in which hail storms occur with some frequency, aluminum siding is probably not your best choice. If you are trying to save money on the cost of your exterior siding, you will probably want to use aluminum, vinyl, shingles, or wood (or hardy-plank) rather than brick or stone.


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