Most relatively simple tiling is not difficult to learn how to do. Most stores that sell tile also either sell or rent cutting devices. Simple designs can be handled by most people. It will just take attention to detail and patience to keep the thickness of the grout even so you produce clean straight lines. Even the cutting of pieces for edges can be easy with a little practice. And, with a little planning and instruction, you can probably learn to do more complex designs. Buying and installing your own tile will save you money and give you pride in your participation in the project. With careful planning and a reasonable design, you can create beautiful tile work on your own. All it takes is a little knowledge, a strong attentiveness to detail, and some patience. Whether you have a detailed design or a simple one-color/design plan, and whether you are using ceramic tile or stone tiles, installing tile is something most people can learn to do. So don’t be afraid to turn loose your creativity and do it yourself.


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