You can also save on labor costs by installing your own doors. Once the drywall is installed and tectured, and generally after the walls are painted, you can start installation of the interior doors. Drill for the door knob and/or deadbolt first. The frames must be level and plumb, as well as spaced correctly to allow the door to close freely and clear the finished flooring material. You can do this alone, but it is much easier with 2 people. If you are using natural wood doors or stained wood doors, you will probably want to stain the trim and the door before installation. After the door is installed, fill the nail holes, and install the trim around the door and the door knobs and/or deadbolt. Then it will be time to touch up the stain or to paint. Remember to check for carpet or tile height before you begin the installation. If you have a security system, be sure to check with your system installer to find out how to make the necessary changes with the alarm hardware if you are changing or adding an exterior door.


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