You can also install your own base boards, shoe molding (3/4 round), chair rail and other trim. The tricky part of trim installation is the angles of the corners. With good calculations and an accurate miter box, you should be able to learn to make the right cuts and install perfectly-fitting and beautiful trim. Adding trim is usually one of the last steps in a remodel, so you can take your time doing it if you choose this as one of your own projects. Trim can provide everything from a simple but "finished" appearance to a touch of real elegance. You may choose to simply put a protective coating on natural wood and install it. You may want to finish the trim or stain it. You might want to paint it. You can achieve real beauty and even a unique finishing touch in your home with your selection and finishing of trim. Another option for saving money is to delay adding trim for a few months or even years after the major work is done. This can reduce the cost to make the improvements you want now.


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