For most people, the easiest part, that they know they can handle, is the painting. Whether you decide to rent or buy a paint sprayer, use a roller, or paint with a brush, it is not very difficult to learn to paint. Your painting will be easier and the results will be better if you spend the time using painter’s tape wherever two different colors or textures meet. This will produce nice, sharp lines. The use of an inexpensive edging device will also make the task easier and cleaner. Taping window panes, window and door hardware, and wall edges will make it easier to paint wood-framed windows and doorframes. But, if you forget, there are single-edge razor blades and paint scrapers. Remember that any equipment you purchase to do your own painting is re-usable. Before painting an entire wall, it is usually a good idea to paint a small area and allow the paint to dry. This will allow you to ensure the color match of the paint. If you are trying to work quickly, you can always use a hairdryer to dry the sample area.


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