As you work on the design of your addition or remodeling project, spend some time looking at model homes, new homes, new condos, and older homes you know have been remodeled recently. Recent remodels and new homes are a fabulous source of design ideas, and they are absolutely free. Ads for older homes that are for sale often include a statement that they have been recently remodeled. By touring these homes you will discover all kinds of ideas for your own remodeling project or house addition. Visiting during a scheduled open house will also give you an opportunity to hear what the builder or the realtor says about particular features of the house. New construction probably provides the best opportunity to learn about new materials and techniques, but renovated homes show the results of the type of project you are undertaking in your own home. Don’t forget that you can learn as much from designs you don’t like as you can from designs you like. Ask questions, look inside closets and cupboards. Make your visit a real fact-finding exploration. You’ll get great ideas and you’ll have fun touring the houses.


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