Neighbors can be a wonderful source of remodeling designs or ideas for your own project. If a neighbor has done a similar remodeling project successfully and is willing to share their design with you, using that design can save you the cost of having a designer or an architect create a new design. Even if a neighbor’s remodel isn’t your idea of perfection, you can still use the basic design and make your own modifications to personalize your project. If, however, you make significant changes, especially to wiring, wall placement, etc. you might do well to have a contractor review the final plan to make sure your changes have not weakened the basic structure. For example, using a neighbor’s basic design for a home addition could require additional supports or reinforcement to bearing walls if their plan is for a bedroom and yours is for a library that will accommodate a large number of books. The additional weight could make a big difference in the structural requirements for the addition.


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