Most contractors can help you design your remodeling project. When you interview contractors, you will discuss your needs and desires for the project. Contractors are professional re-modelers. Not only will home remodeling contractors have remodeling design ideas that can help you create the perfect design, they will also know how to modify the plans to reduce the total cost of the project. Contractors draw upon both their training and their experience with other remodeling jobs. They will be able to tell you if they did a similar project and offer advice based on previous experience. A good contractor, if asked, will probably tell you many of the money-saving tips in this report, but they may have other helpful ideas and suggestions. For example, when Steve was planning to extend his dining room to add space for a growing family, his contractor pointed out how much he could save by bumping out the end of the room and including a large bay window rather than adding a complete foundation for the extension. Not only did Steve save money, the dining room was also lighter and brighter.


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