House additions are expensive. Before you start calculating costs and benefits, there are several questions you might ask yourself about your needs and the suitability of existing space for your needs.
  • Is there unused space in the house that can be reallocated to meet this need?
  • Would it make more sense to finish a room in the basement or the attic rather than adding to the house?
  • Is there a room in the house, like a guest bedroom, that is never used? Could this room be redecorated to suit your present need?
  • Can an existing under-utilized room in the house be reallocated to serve multiple purposes?

For example, if you have a guest bedroom that is used only once or twice a year by a single visiting individual, can you reallocate the guest room into a home office with a day bed that can be used by your guest? Or, can you reallocate the bedroom to be your new home office and place an attractive daybed in the den or family room?


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