There have been thousands of design elements and decorating styles that have come and gone very quickly. Many people invested in remodeling projects based on these ideas and later discovered that when the fad was over it was actually a liability when they tried to sell the home. If you are keen to incorporate a fad into your home, it is must more cost effective to do so with items that can be removed later at low cost. Designing a remodel or a house addition based on a fad will be expensive to do, it will be expensive to undo when the fad is over, and if not undone it could detract from the value of your home at resale. Fads can relate to decorating styles, building materials, finishing materials, and choices of colors and textures. Before you follow a fad in remodeling or adding to your home, consider carefully how long the fad will last, the cost of the remodel, and the cost to remodel again when the fad is over.