Before you decide to remove or move walls or add cabinets, and the like, stop and take a good hard look at the space you want to remodel. Before you commit to a remodel, especially an expensive one, make a critical evaluation of your use of available space. Can you identify ways to make your use of available space more efficient? This approach could save you thousands of remodeling dollars. First, look in your cabinets. How much space is wasted or unused? Could you find ways to use all of the space in your cabinets by purchasing and adding some organizing devices? What about that cabinet in the corner? How much space are you unable to reach? Could you use and access items in that space by adding a tiered lazy Susan? Could you make efficient use of space in the top of a cabinet by adding a drawer for plates or pot lids? Would you save space by adding cup hooks under shelves and hanging (rather than stacking) cups or mugs? Would it make sense to convert a cabinet space to drawers that are deep enough to hold canned goods? Take a quick stroll through a home improvement store to see what is available, and then look at your current space with a new view to efficiency.


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