One source of inexpensive additional living space that is frequently overlooked is a closet. Certainly in some homes, closet space is at a premium. But in a number of houses, converting a closet into living space can provide just the extra space you need. A large walk-in closet can be easily converted to a smaller closet, freeing a surprising amount of living space. In other cases, converting an extra closet into a nook for a dresser or chest of drawers provides additional living space in a bedroom. Removing a closet from an office can create a perfect nook for office equipment, file cabinets, or even bookcases. Removing a closet from a family room can provide enough space for an upright or spinet piano or a reading corner. If we consider an average closet of 2.5 x 6 feet, removing the closet creates 15 square feet of living space.


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