If you are considering adding on to your home to create additional living space or to provide additional rooms for your lifestyle, you might be able to save a considerable amount of money by finishing your basement. You might find that you can finish your entire basement for less than the cost of adding a single room. The reason is simple: the foundation, exterior walls and roof are already built. Your basement is probably already wired with electricity, at least to some minimal degree. Your basement may already be plumbed for a bathroom. Once you seal any underground walls, you will be ready to design your rooms and frame them out. Basement remodeling ideas are abundant. If you plan to use you new space for more casual purposes you can save money by installing a drop ceiling. And, if your present needs are modest and your budget is tight, you can finish part of your basement now and the rest later. With a little planning you can begin at the bottom of the stairs from the first floor and create the rooms you need. Then close off the rest of the basement with a door that can be removed later.


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