What you tell a designer or an architect about your needs and desires for a remodeled space or an addition will determine their focus in working with you. If you want to complete your project at the lowest possible cost, you must communicate this clearly to the designer or architect. You will also need to keep them focused on low cost by continuing to ask cost questions. Your mantra throughout the design process might be, "Is there a less expensive way to achieve the same results?" Experienced designers and architects will be willing to talk with you about cost-saving measures and changes in the design. But it is important to communicate your budget constraints at the outset. No one likes to do a job two or three times because they were not given relevant information in the beginning. Being clear about your budget and your expectations will reduce your cost for the design by enabling the designer or architect to get it right the first time. It will also reduce the cost of the project by using the best of the designer’s or architect’s wisdom to find a creative and appropriate way to reduce construction costs.


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