One of the most important objectives in designing an addition to a home is to make the addition seamless – to make it look like it has always been part of the house. Three critical aspects of the design will help you achieve a seamless addition. First, understand the architectural style of your home. Review pictures of other homes of the same style or visit nearby homes in the same style. This will provide ideas on how to design the addition you want to make in a way that blends with the style and the period in which the house was built. Second, be careful to keep the addition in proportion to the rest of the house. Keep doorways, windows, ceiling height and roof pitch consistent with the rest of the existing house. Don’t over-build by adding a bowling-alley sized family room to a bungalow. Third, design the addition with matching or stylistically appropriate finishes both interior and exterior. If the exterior of your home is brick or stone, you will need to consider carefully how to make a frame addition blend with the rest of the exterior. Try to match or complement the style of cabinetry, wood finishes, fixtures and hardware to the style of the house.


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