If your remodeling plan is to add a room or group of rooms to your home, you might consider adding a second story rather than an addition that requires a new foundation. Foundation work is one of the greatest costs in construction. In many circumstances the cost of adding a second story will be lower than an addition with a foundation. There are several things to consider in making this decision, and you may need a contractor or an engineer to help you decide whether the existing structure and foundation will support the second story. You will also need to consider the design of your home and others in your neighborhood. You might not want to add a second story if you are in a subdivision in which there are no other two-story homes. You will also need to check with your local building codes office to understand any restrictions on height or requirements for the construction. Adding a second story rather than an external addition will also preserve the amount of yard you have and it will avoid restrictions on how close the building can be relative to the property line.


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