If your house addition or remodel is planned with the objective of creating additional living space at minimal cost, and you like bright energy-efficient spaces, make your addition a sunroom. Whether you choose a simple build-it-yourself kit with metal frame and plastic windows that interchange with screens or you choose a pre-built style with wood or metal frame and glass panels, these sunrooms can be installed very quickly on a simple foundation slab. The metal frames require little or no maintenance, although the wood frames may be more attractive. Sunrooms essentially heat themselves with passive solar heat, allowing year-round use. The addition of sun shades makes them comfortable in summer in most climates. The effects of ultraviolet light on the furnishings you place in the room can be reduced by purchasing a sunroom with UV coating on the glass or by applying UV coating after installation. Adding a sunroom rather than a traditional addition will provide the space you desire at a much lower construction cost. You will also save on heating costs for the life of the room.


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