By Dan Fritschen


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Photo by Janet Akers

Several remodeling projects designed to provide additional living space require a stairway of some sort. For example, building or opening a loft can provide needed space. Finishing an attic can also provide additional space. But you must provide access to the new living areas. If space was limited at the outset, you may not want to lose any additional space to a stairway. One way to provide access using minimal space below is to install a pre-fabricated spiral staircase.


Not only are spiral staircases functional, many of them add distinct architectural points of interest in a room. Spiral staircases can be made of wood or metal or a number of other materials. You can choose a material that blends with the rest of your home most effectively and simply install the staircase. Considering the space conserved, the difference in cost, and the ease of installation, a spiral staircase may be the most economical way to provide access to a new living area.


The benefits of a spiral stair case is that they are compact and can be added to a home without losing living space.  The disadvantages are that a spiral staircase may not match the design of your home and it may not meet your needs or a city requirement for egress for an attic bedroom.   Access  that limits the use of a room can significantly reduce how a room is utilized and ultimately the value in adding the room at all.


Before investing in a spiral staircase or finishing your attic consider access and use of the room carefully to ensure your investment gives you the value you are looking for