Bearing walls (or load bearing walls) hold up the upper levels of the house and the roof. They carry the weight of the upper part of the house down into the foundation. Moving a bearing wall without alternative support for the upper part of the house can bring the roof down on your head. Planning your remodel around the structure of the house can save a lot of money. When you move a load bearing wall, your must erect temporary structural support and then properly replace permanent support for the structure. This will cost far more than simply removing a partition wall (with no load bearing function). It is possible to move load bearing walls, but it is a complex process that requires a clear knowledge of the structure of the home and of how to shift the weight successfully to a new path. A trained and skilled home designer or architect or an experienced contractor will probably be able to help you work around the need to move bearing walls. If they must be moved, you will almost certainly need the involvement of an experienced contractor for this phase of the remodeling project.


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