If your plan includes a number of foundation corners, you can save cost by eliminating a foundation corner or two. One way to accomplish this and gain an added benefit of storage space is to bump out the wall to create a closet in the unused space, thus eliminating 2 or 3 foundation corners. Bumping out was discussed above as part of savings that can be recognized by design (see items 10 and 14). Bumping out for a closet in most any room you might add to your home will almost certainly be of value to you in the future. A closet in a family room, for example, is a wonderful additional space to store games, tray tables, a card table, children’s toys, craft supplies, or any number of items to which you might want access without clutter. Additional closet space in a bedroom or hall can provide just the space you need to store additional linens and such. If you are like most people, there is always a need and a use for extra closet space.


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