If you are planning a bathroom addition, keeping the new bathroom close to the existing water and sewer lines will save money in completing your project. All bathroom remodelers will tell you that the shorter the distance that must be traversed by new pipes, the lower your cost will be. Extending water and sewer pipes can not only be expensive, it can result in damage to other parts of the house. Repairing these modifications will create additional costs for your project. Yet another consideration in the cost of moving existing water and sewer lines is the kind of foundation that supports your home. If, like many new homes today, you house is built on a slab and the bathroom you plan to remodel or add must tap into existing water and sewer lines, the cost of tearing out some of that slab foundation to connect or move lines can be very expensive. Consulting your contractor or plumber during the planning stages of your project could save thousands of dollars.


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