Custom work is always more expensive than the standard. Unless you have a specific need for non-standard doors or windows, you can save money on your remodel or addition by using standard size windows and doors. You will find that not only is the initial cost of the windows and doors less than custom sizes, but later replacement will also cost less. Custom windows and doors generally require production and shipping time, which could slow your progress. In addition, you will save on construction costs by eliminating the need for additional custom work in the framing stage. Finally, although it is a minor cost in relative terms, you will also save money on blinds, shades or other window treatments. If you are remodeling to accommodate special accessibility needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, it is wise to use a larger standard size door like an exterior door size. If you are designing your home remodel or house addition for future needs or future owners, even designing an opening between rooms offers greater flexibility if the openings are designed to accommodate a standard size door or window if there should be a need to install one in the future.


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