Another great way to save money by planning the design carefully is to keep windows, doors, switches and outlets in the same position during a remodel. If you plan your remodel design to leave these items where they are, you will eliminate the need for additional wiring and some additional framing. Because electrical work must be done by a licensed professional in many states and localities, this will reduce or eliminate the amount of electrical work that must be done, thus reducing this part of the cost of the remodel. Leaving doors and windows in the same place will allow you to continue to use existing framing. Moving doors and/or windows, especially exterior doors, could affect the load-bearing capacity of the wall. Reframing could then become quite costly. For the most part, switches and outlets have been positioned according to some logic of how they are spaced and used. Before you decide to move them, it will be worth taking a few moments to consider the level of priority of such changes. If you are adding additional lights, switches, outlets, etc. it is also wise to consider positioning the switches beside existing switches.


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