Keeping your existing windows can result in significant savings in your remodeling project. Rather than replacing your windows, consider some less expensive alternatives that can achieve the same results. If your motivation is to improve the energy efficiency of your home in winter, consider installing storm windows or replacing the current window glass with new glass with low E coatings. If your concern is safety, consider alternative methods for making your windows more secure, such as new locks and tempered glass. If your desire is to update to newer styles of windows that tilt in for cleaning, consider changing the sashes on your windows rather than replacing them. If you are tired of cleaning blinds, you might try the window inserts that have blinds between two panes of glass. If you need to reduce the heat and fading that may be the result of afternoon sun coming through the windows, you can apply a UV plastic fill directly to your windows very inexpensively. If your wood sills are showing wear, consider covering the existing sills with a vinyl material rather than a total replacement. There are many materials and products that can solve window problems without the cost of replacement.


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