Photo by Bev Sykes

We’ve all got big dreams of doing major remodeling work to our homes – maybe adding a ballroom or a swimming pool – but in reality it takes years of saving just to be able to remodel a kitchen or bathroom. Keeping your home looking good and decorating in a stylish way can prove to be pretty expensive, but there are several ways you can do some DIY decorating.


There’s no upper limit to the amount of money you can spend on a kitchen remodel if you want to, but kitchens are actually one of the easiest rooms to give an affordable facelift to.

Instead of ripping out all your units and cabinets, you can simply choose to resurface the doors and panels. If you’re bored of dark wood you can give them a lift with a lighter wood effect vinyl, go for some bold block colors such as red and blue, or replace them altogether with materials such as chrome.

Replacing just your countertops without removing all of your other fixtures is also an easy way to give you kitchen a makeover without carrying out extensive work.

Living Room

Giving your living room a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to give it a new look, and instead of replacing all the furniture you can simply re-condition it. Getting a couch reupholstered gives it a new lease of life without paying out for a whole new suite of furniture.

Restoring old furniture is also a fun project for you to get stuck into – so bring up your old cabinets or tables you’ve got hiding away in the basement and get sanding and painting! Fitting new doors on a cupboard and adding some retro knobs and handles to a bureau can make your old-fashioned piece look brand new.


There’s also a number of ways to put your personal stamp on a bathroom if it needs updating. Why not go retro and upcycle a Victorian bathtub with claw feet? You can achieve that longed-for retro look by visiting a salvage yard and bargaining with scrap dealers. If your bathroom needs more a remodel than a decorating change try the bathroom remodel cost estimate calculators here at


Don’t be afraid to personalize throughout your home. Got any artists in the family? Ask them to create a few pieces to hang around the house – that way you get a truly bespoke art collection that no one else has, and for minimal cost!