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Here are my favorite tips to hire the best room addition contractor.

1. Understand what you are looking for.  Do you want to hire a full service design build firm that has a salesperson, fancy new trucks, an office, and all the bells and whistles.  Or are you the type that prefers to work with a one-man-show.  A contractor who works out of there home, drives an older pickup truck and doesnt have an office staff.  Typically the smaller contractor will charge you less.  Size of the business does not dictate quality of workmanship or customer service. Once you know what you are looking for you can narrow down your search.

2. Interview as many contractors as you can.  5 is better than 3.  10 is better than 5.  Why interview so many?  Mainly because every time you interview someone you get smarter – both from what the contractors will tell you and ask you plus from describing your project – over and over and over.  The more educated you are the better decision you will make when it comes to hiring a room addition contractor.

3. Narrow it down to 2 or 3 you like best and get bids for the work.  Get fixed price bids.  You will need to provide ALL the details about the project to get accurate bids.  From the same contractors get references, insurance policy numbers, contractor license numbers and check them all out.  Make sure they are current and valid.  When you get the quotes back compare them.  Do you understand them?  If so that is a good sign.  Did anyone of them quote very high or very low compared to the others?  Find out why.  It could be a sign of miscommuncation, or different assumptions.  It could also be a sign of a careless business man.  Estimating accurately is critical to a contractor success.  If they cant estimate accurately you probably do not want to work with them.

4. Once you pick contractor – do no pay a deposit.  Some contractors will ask for one some will not. My feeling is that once you give a contractor a deposit you have no reasonable way to get your money back if you the contractor doesnt start the job or something else goes wrong.  I feel that whatever deposit you give you should accept that you may lose that money…all of it.  I prefer to tell a contractor if they are worried about getting paid- I will pay them a prorated amount AFTER the first day of work is done..or week or whatever.  That way they get the money to pay bills etc. and I have some assurances that I am getting some value for my money.

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Good luck with your remodel.

Posted by Dan Fritschen