Photo by Diana Parkhouse

So you’ve gone through months or even years of preparation and the day is finally here. Moving day can be one of the most stressful, tiring and challenging days to get through, but with a few simple tips you’ll find it ultimately rewarding.

Floor Plan

Most of us are guilty of moving into a new home and leaving furniture and boxes wherever they land. Taking measurements and drawing a floor plan ahead of time is the easiest way to make sure you can maximize space and organize your new home as much as possible on moving day. Move the big pieces like sofas, tables and beds in first. Put them in what is likely to be their eventual position before piling in smaller objects and hundreds of boxes! That way, once you’ve worked through the top layer of detritus, your home will be in some semblance of order as quickly as possible.

A floorplan is a good idea for organizing movers too as they will know exactly where to place items and won’t have to keep rearranging them.


Make sure there’s enough room for the trucks and vans you’ll be using on moving day. Clear your driveway and make sure that your neighbors won’t be blocked by your vehicles. If anyone’s access could be affected, let your neighbors know in advance that you’re moving and that the inconvenience will only be temporary. This applies to your new property too.


Make sure you are present to supervise your movers. When the packing is done at the old house, they should give you an inventory of items and boxes that you need to check thoroughly. This makes sure nothing has been lost and if anything gets damaged you have proof of its condition before the move.

Manage Your Personnel!

Moving day is pretty stressful and it can be easy to let the stress get to you! But remember, your movers are there to help you. They don’t know exactly where everything goes and may not know that your end tables are antique heirlooms! Make sure they know all the important details before the chaos of the move to avoid any misunderstanding.

It’s likely that in addition to a team of movers, family and friends will also be pitching in to help. Keep in mind that they’re giving up their time to help you too. Make sure your team has plenty to drink all day as moving is thirsty work. Keep juice and water handy at all times, and take regular coffee breaks with a few snacks to keep everyone energized. And at the end of the day, why not say a big thank you and crack open a beer with your troops?

Never Work With Children Or Animals

The old actor’s saying holds true on moving day – kids and pets will get in the way and could potentially be injured on moving day. Ship them off to relatives for a fun day out while you concentrate on creating their new home.

Follow these simple pieces of advice will help to keep moving day stress levels to a minimum – good luck!